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About us

Wasaaabi is a urban brand based in the Netherlands.

Wasaaabi comes from the Japanese words "wabi-sabi" and "Jibun Rashiku". These words have been used to form Wasaaabi. Which stands for "enjoy the little things in life, stay close to yourself".

The inspiration for the clothing comes from Japan. Think of nature, architecture, technology and the core values of the culture: harmony, order and self-development.

The first collection is a capsule collection. A collection with only a few items for sale. This collection consists of four items with release dates spread over 2021.


Express, what you stand for: "Identity".

What happens to the money for the clothes?

The money is reinvested to develop:

  • Exclusivity & Presentation

  • Marketing

And to support charities that help children in the spirit of: "Everyone should be able to be themselves".


The price of our T-shirts

The price of our T-shirts is based on quality, printing material, paint and time to make the T-shirt.


Supported Charities

When you choose your garment, you can indicate the charity you would like to donate to. The price is included. We collect money for: