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The Culture

As a child, you are taught a lot. Everyone is taught the values of their culture by their parents. Think for example about what you believe is right and what is wrong.


As human beings we share our humanity with each other, but each of us also brings his or her own personality. Depending on where we are, we behave according to the group we are in at that moment. We are sometimes like a chameleon and yet everyone has their individual personality too.


We express this personality by what we do, by what we say and by the clothes we wear. Everyone has their own style, their own colour and their own hue. But you do not stagnate. You continue to develop, each at his own pace. In the same way, you develop your own style, your own colour and your own hue in line with each phase in your life.

In the same way, a culture is never static, but develops over time. Darwin observed that the ability to adapt AND diversity leads to survival. A common culture of individuals.


Enjoy life the little things in life. Live life.